Glucagon ELISA – 10 μL

Glucagon ELISA - 10 Microliter

Glucagon ELISA – 10 μL


Kit format: 1 x 96 wells

Measurement range: 2-180 pmol/L (7 - 627 pg/mL)

Low sample volume - 10 µL

No purification of samples

Highly appreciated and often cited assay

Controls available: 10-1286-01

Little or no cross-reactivity to oxyntomodulin, glicentin, mini-glucagon, GLP-1, GLP-2 and GRPP


Mercodia Glucagon ELISA – 10 μL

A revolutionizing ELISA for sensitive and specific determination of glucagon in serum, EDTA plasma, and cell culture media samples from rat, mouse, and non-human primates (NHP). A research tool advancement that allows science to take the next step.


The highly specific monoclonal antibodies used in Glucagon ELISA – 10 µL enable accurate determination of glucagon with low to no levels of significant cross-reactivity to other circulating pro-glucagon-derived peptides. Under certain conditions like post-bariatric surgery, the concentrations of glicentin have been demonstrated to be elevated to levels that might interfere.


Mercodia Glucagon Control – Low, Medium, High (10-1286-01) is a three-level control for Mercodia Glucagon ELISA -10 µL.


An alternative protocol (TN34-0162) for Glucagon ELISA – 10 µL can be used in situations where exceptionally high levels of glicentin are expected.

Test characteristics

Rat, mouse and non-human primates (NHP)

Sample types

Serum, EDTA plasma and cell culture medium

Sample volume

10 µL

Assay range

2-180 pmol/L (7 - 627 pg/mL)

Detection limit

≤1.5 pmol/L


18-22 h (overnight) + 15 min

Detection method



The following cross-reactions have been tested:


Not detected

Glicentin, human

1.0 %

Glicentin, mouse

7.0 %

Glicentin, rat

4.0 %

GLP-1 (7-36)

Not detected

GLP-1 (9-36)

Not detected


Not detected

Oxyntomodulin, human/rat/mouse

2.0 %

Oxyntomodulin, bovine/canine/porcine

Not detected

directions for use Certificate of Analysis Safety Data Sheet
directions for use
36021 DfU - 10-1281-01 v. 6.0
35570 DfU - 10-1281-01 v. 6.0
31015 DfU - 10-1281-01 v. 6.0
33984 DfU - 10-1281-01 v. 6.0
Certificate of Analysis
36021 CoA - 10-1281-01
35570 CoA - 10-1281-01
35106 CoA - 10-1281-01
33984 CoA - 10-1281-01
Safety Data Sheet
SDS - 10-1281-01

For other languages and previous versions: Technical Library

technical notes

For technical notes specific to Mercodia Glucagon ELISA – 10 µL see:
TN34-0155 Animal samples in Mercodia Glucagon ELISA – 10 µL (10-1281-01)
TN34-0162 Alternative sequential protocol for increased specificity in Mercodia Glucagon ELISA – 10 µL (10-1281-01)


For other technical notes see our Technical Library


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Glucagon ELISA - 10 Microliter

Glucagon ELISA – 10 μL



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