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If you are interested in employment opportunities at Mercodia, you are welcome to apply for one of our job vacancies or send us your CV. Together, let’s improve human health!

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Our vision is to improve human health through the use of our products and services by scientists worldwide. We are proud of our strong company culture, a friendly and warm atmosphere with an inclusive feeling, and openness encouraged by the management team. Additionally, our commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility remains an ongoing focus of our efforts. Our shared values are Professionalism, Stimulation and Team Power.


Sara Rapp

Project Manager, Mercodian for 3 years

What I appreciate most with Mercodia are the people working here, there is so much competence and you are always met with a smile. For me it is important and satisfying that the projects I work with, contribute to improve human health.


Magnus Simonsson

Development and Product Support Manager, Mercodian for 20 years

I started to work at Mercodia in 2001, and it has been a great experience for me to follow the development of the company over the years. During this time I have been given the opportunity to work with a lot of different things within the research department and now as Development and Product Support Manager. The best thing at Mercodia is the people you work with, not just within your group but also between groups and departments, the Mercodia family.

Helene Hagberg

Production Process Engineer, Mercodian for 20 years

Mercodia for me is a workplace characterized by a learning organization, where there is a desire to develop and constantly improve processes and relationships. There is also a strong value base of quality within the company that allows us to develop and manufacture products with the right quality for our customers. But the very best thing about Mercodia is the camaraderie and coaching that exists, both between colleagues and managers.

Emma Helmersson

Product Developer, Mercodian for 1,5 years

I started by doing my master’s thesis at Mercodia which was a great opportunity to enter working life and get to know the company and employees. Right after my thesis, I felt that I wanted to stay at Mercodia. Luckily, there was a vacancy, and I was hired as a product developer. Today I work on developing new technologies, and prototypes into products, which is exciting, challenging, and cool. What I really like about Mercodia are the people who work here. I have so many competent and helpful colleagues, who also welcomed me very well when I was new. I think our lovely atmosphere is reflected in the fact that we like to socialize outside of work as well. We have a leisure association where anyone in the company can organize an activity. For example, we have played minigolf, had drink tastings and barbecues, played escape games, and climbed in high ropes park together. I think this makes us have such a positive and motivating workplace culture and that we work better together!


Nazanine Gharagozlou

Business Development Manager

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