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Risk mitigation in bioanalysis to maintain the integrity of drug development studies

Are you involved in drug development or bioanalysis? Don’t miss our webinar, hosted by AAPS, where we delve into the crucial aspects of developing a robust ligand binding assay.

It is critical to prioritize safety in drug development studies. The bioanalysis data plays a vital role in the decisions taken during the development process and it is crucial to ensure that the results obtained are reliable. Therefore, prioritizing risk mitigation in bioanalysis is essential to maintain the integrity of drug development studies.

Ligand binding assays (LBA) are widely used to quantify biopharmaceuticals and biomarkers, as well as to evaluate immunogenicity in preclinical and clinical studies. In this presentation, we will highlight key factors to keep in mind when developing a ligand binding assay. The focus will be on creating a robust assay with high specificity and selectivity.

Watch this free webinar with Tanja Jarhede, Senior Scientist, Mercodia, where she will show real-life common challenges and suggest solutions based on our extensive experience in developing ligand binding assays.

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  • Tanja Jarhede, PhD, Senior Scientist, Mercodia
What you will learn
  • How to choose specific binders and have a stable interaction with the analyte
  • Why it is important to have knowledge about the analyte
  • How to minimize non-specific binding
  • How to ensure reliable data for different intended uses during the drug development pipeline
  • How to modify commercials kit to support drug development


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