We are good to go

We are delighted to report that the audit results of our new bioanalytical service lab in Winston-Salem, US, have been approved. This achievement validates our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of quality and compliance in our lab operations.

The comprehensive audit aimed to verify that our new laboratory facility adheres to the stringent requirements and best practices outlined by ICH GCP and WHO GCLP. These internationally recognized standards are crucial in ensuring the reliability, integrity, and quality of data generated from clinical trials. By successfully meeting these standards, our company reinforces its commitment to delivering exceptional services and maintaining the highest levels of quality and compliance.

The audit process thoroughly examined various aspects of our lab, including documentation practices, equipment validation, sample management, quality control processes, and training programs. Our adherence to the ICH GCP and WHO GCLP standards were closely evaluated to ensure the reliability and integrity of data generated from clinical trials.

With this successful audit outcome, Mercodia’s US lab facility is well-equipped to support the analysis of samples in clinical studies. Our clients can have complete confidence in the accuracy, reliability, and quality of data generated by our lab, knowing that it complies with the industry’s gold standard guidelines.

Conor Wainwright, Biopharma Service Scientist

Mercodia’s lab facility in Winston-Salem’s Innovation Quarter

Sara Hedlund, Scientist


Nazanine Gharagozlou

Business Development Manager

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