Mercodia teams up with Aenitis Technologies

In this interview, Emmanuel Vincent, co-founder and CEO of Aenitis Technologies, and Dr. Michel Angue, Chief Business Development Officer of Aenitis Technologies, tell us about the acoustophoresis technology.

As a spin-off from the ESPCI ParisTech (research engineer school in Paris) and the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), Aenitis Technologies was born from the mix of biology and physics.

Aenitis Technologies develops innovative devices for cell therapy processing using Acoustic Radiation Forces. The technology is called acoustophoresis and it uses the acoustic strength (ultrasonic waves) generated between the walls of a channel to handle cells without causing any damage.

Aenitis Technologies is at the dawn of the 2024 market with its new entry the Acoustic Langerhans Islets Sorter, a medical device dedicated to the isolation and purification of the islets of Langerhans intended for autografts and allografts.

The goal is to increase the number of islets of Langerhans harvested by improving the yield of the sorting and purification steps as well as improving the quality of harvested islets that have undergone less traumatic handling compared to centrifuged cells.

“For the functional tests, Aenitis teamed up with Mercodia to use the Ultrasensitive Insulin ELISA”

When the islets of Langerhans have been purified the morphology and function of the cells need to be assessed. For the functional tests, Aenitis teamed up with Mercodia to use the Ultrasensitive Insulin ELISA.

This collaboration allowed them to drive the process forward with their partners in Europe with the aim to become the world standard for the preparation of islets of Langerhans.

“Our next step is to extend this network to global players in the industrial preparation of islets for transplantation”

Thank you, Emmanuel Vincent and Dr. Michel Angue, for sharing your and Aenitis Technologies’ story!


Nazanine Gharagozlou

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