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Wide range of C-peptide ELISAs

C-peptide is an interesting biomarker and is measured in many different applications to assess beta cell status. Mercodia provides kits for human samples as well as for rat and pig samples.  


  • Mercodia C-peptide ELISAs do not cross-react with C-peptide from pig, rat or mouse. This offers the possibility of using the Mercodia C-peptide ELISAs to measure human C-peptide in pig, rat or mouse samples.
  • The assays range from 5 pmol/L (Mercodia Ultrasensitive C-peptide ELISA) to 4 000 pmol/L (Mercodia C-peptide ELISA), with the possibility for increased sensivity with an alternative assay protocol, TN34-0144.
  • ​The Mercodia Rat C-peptide ELISA only requires a sample volume of 10 μL and does not cross-react with human C-peptide, which enables specific detection of rat C-peptide in samples also containing human C-peptide.
  • Besides using the Mercodia Porcine C-peptide ELISA to distinguish endogenously produced C-peptide from exogenously administered insulin in serum or plasma samples, the high specificity of the assay enables post-transplant assessment of porcine islet xenograft function by measuring porcine C-peptide levels in samples from humans, macaques, rats or mice.