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Life Cycle ManagEment with Hanna Ritzén

In this movie series, we scrutinize the life cycle management concept, with the help of Hanna Ritzén, Managing Director of R&D at Mercodia. 


Episode 1: 

In this short introduction, Hanna Ritzén explains the concept of Life Cycle Management, why it is important to implement and how it is used in Mercodias production and processes.

Episode 2:

In this second part of the LCM series by Mercodia, Hanna Ritzén talks about the first step in the Life Cycle Management: The Design & Development of an immunoassay.

Episode 3:

In the third part of the Life Cycle Management video series, Hanna Ritzén, Managing Director of R&D guides us through the important steps of Assay Development.

Stay tuned for next episode!