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High-quality ELISAs for insulin measurements

A robust and well-characterized insulin assay is essential in a variety of different areas. Mercodia's insulin assays for human, rodent and large animal samples have been used for more than 25 years and are great research tools as evident by the vast number of peer-reviewed articles that have been published. 



Mercodia Insulin ELISAs are specific for human insulin with little or no cross-reactivity to rat and mouse insulin or insulin analogs. This makes it possible to distinguish endogenously human insulin from exogenous insulin analogs in serum or plasma samples, as well as to measure human insulin in samples from rats or mice.

  • Mercodia Insulin ELISAs show no cross-reactivity to C-peptide or pro-insulin des (31-32) or split (32-33) which are the forms abundant in circulation. 



  • Mercodia Iso-Insulin ELISA measures both endogenous insulin as well as insulin analogs, and, thus, gives the "total insulin" concentration in a sample.



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