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25% off on the MBeads Assay

Our multi-species high-throughput tool is engineered to accurately measure both low & high levels of insulin in small sample volumes, without the need for dilutions.

tOTAL Insulin MBeads Assay

Are you struggling with sample dilutions and looking for a reliable high-throughput insulin assay for all your samples?
Look no further than the Mercodia MBeads Solution.


  • Ideal for labs dealing with large-scale sample analysis
  • Broad measurement range, eliminating the need for dilutions
  • Perfect for time-sensitive projects requiring quick turover times
  • Tailored for studies with limited sample availability, optimizing usage with minimal volume requirements (5 µL)
  • Adaptable to various lab settings, supporting both manual and semi-automatic procedures

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Explore Mercodia Total Insulin MBeads assay for efficient, sensitive, and flexible solutions for your laboratory challenges. Get your first assay at a reduced cost and see the difference it makes in your research.

  • Contact your local sales representative
  • Use promo code: TRYMBEADS25* when ordering the kits
  • Enjoy the benefits of advanced insulin measurement


Questions about MBeads? Contact us

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Andreas Almlén

Key Account Manager Distributors and OEM

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*Discount applies to the current list price and is valid until August 31st, 2024. To receive the discounted price, contact your local Mercodia sales representative or submit a quote request at Orders must include the specified discount code TRYMBEADS25. The discount can only be applied to customer purchases made directly through Mercodia. Other restrictions may apply.


Johannes Pfabe, Mag. med. vet.

Center for Physiology and Pharmacology (Institute of Physiology), Medical University of Vienna

About the MBeads assay; finally, an assay that works reliably for us! Furthermore, I think it is super easy to perform!

jp news
Dr. Jean-Philippe Walhin

Lecturer in Human Physiology at the Department for Health, University of Bath

I found Mercodia through a publication that had used the Mercodia Insulin ELISA and I must say it has been a productive relationship. In our lab, we use ELISAs to analyze human blood samples following interventions related to diet and exercise and we love how the Mercodia products are reliable, easy to use and often cited by the scientific community. Also, the customer service is one of the best I have encountered!

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Dr. Samuel Acreman

University of Oxford at OCDEM (Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism)

I use Mercodia products because of the accuracy and consistency of their results, but I love using them because they combine this with being so easy to use. It is this combination of quality and simplicity that sets them apart. On top of this, the team at Mercodia is not only very helpful but friendly too!

photo susan e1669642702337
Ass. Professor Susan Burke

Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Louisiana

Mercodia has a small company vibe that makes you feel like you, the scientist, is important to them. The assays are reliable, and the customer service is outstanding. The main Mercodia products we use are the Insulin and Glucagon ELISAs. Our work involves understanding the alterations in the islet that occur in both forms of diabetes, therefore having reliable products to measure these hormones is crucial for us.

InSphero 1200 x 628 px crop
Dr. Joan Mir

Senior Scientist, InSphero

The Glucagon ELISA from Mercodia, which in our experience has an unparalleled degree of sensitivity and specificity, enables us to confidently offer alpha cell function assays to our customers.

Dr. Burcak Yesildag
Dr. Burcak Yesildag

Vice President of Diabetes Research, InSphero

Mercodia has always been very interested in our research and products, kept us informed of and involved in their product development, and welcomed feedback and open discussions.

Hanne news2
Dr. Hanne Scholz

Director of the Human Islet Isolation Facility at Oslo University Hospital, Norway

I have always been delighted with the reproducibility and ease to use of Mercodia’s ELISA kits and have come to appreciate the assays as trustable with high sensitivity.


Andreas Almlén

Key Account Manager Distributors and OEM

(+46) 70 780 95 09 BOOK A MEETING