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Mercodia Adiponectin ELISA

Catalog nr 10-1193-01

Immunoassay for quantitative determination of human adiponectin in serum or plasma.

Measures total adiponectin (hexamers and larger oligomers).


Available Control set please check in following product:
10-1241-01 Control, Obesity A, B, C / Human

Assay Features

Format 1 x 96 wells
Sample Serum, plasma
Sample volume 25 μL    
Assay range 5 - 300 ng/mL    
Detection Limit 1.25 ng/mL    
Incubation (min) 60+60+15


  • Canivell, S, Ruano, E, G (2013)
    Gastric Inhibitory Polypeptide Receptor Methylation in Newly Diagnosed, Drug-Naive Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Case-Control Study
    Read abstract
  • Song, J, Kwon, N, Lee, M (2014)
    Association of serum phospholipid PUFAs with cardiometabolic risk: Beneficial effect of DHA on the suppression of vascular proliferation/inflammation
    Read abstract
  • Yoo, J, K, Hwang, M (2015)
    Higher levels of adiponectin in vascular endothelial cells are associated with greater brachial artery flow-mediated dilation in older adults
    Read abstract
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Direction for Use (PDF)


2-TN34-0119 Expected sample values for Mercodia Adiponectin ELISA2.pdf 2-TN34-0106 Instruction handwash2.pdf 2-TN34-0108 Troubleshooting2.pdf 2-TN34-0107 Instruction for test of microplate reader2.pdf 2-TN34-0142 Validation of Mercodia Adiponectin ELISA using NHP samples2.pdf


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Product sheets

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